I really like talking to Maria!
For this issue of Taking Action, I thought that you would enjoy hearing from a resident at one of our client’s assisted living facilities.
ruth8I’m Ruth, an 86-year-old resident in an assisted living facility a few miles west of Miami. My life is pretty simple these days, but I do love taking part in some of the activities offered here, and I love it when my children, grandchildren and great-children come to visit. I also really like talking to Maria!
Maria works at The Doug Williams Group, the company that helps our administrators understand what we residents need and want, and how to provide it. Every other month, Maria comes by to talk with me and many of the other residents here.
Maria is really friendly, very generous with her time, and always has a big smile. She’ll ask me about all sorts of things, from how I feel, to how the food tastes. She asks about the nursing staff and how they’re treating me. She also makes a point of asking me if I’ve been having any problems or if I have any concerns. I’ve noticed that Maria is very observant and always seems to be looking around; checking to make sure that everything’s okay.
Because Maria is so nice, and because she always checks up on things I’ve told her about before, I feel that she is a friend who genuinely cares about my health, safety, comfort, and well-being. I’m very comfortable talking to her, and I know she’s looking out for us, so we have some pretty in-depth conversations.
I once asked her about this and she said that our facility hires her company, The Doug Williams Group, to make sure that residents are happy and satisfied, and to let them know when there are any issues or dissatisfaction at all. Then, Maria said, she and her co-workers advise our administrators about how to correct any issues.
Our administrators are smart to bring in people like Maria, because, as senior citizens in not the best health, it’s good to know we have a way to make our voices heard and to share our occasional concerns. I feel like I can tell Maria anything, and I know others here who feel the same way.
Thanks to people like her and those at her company, our facility has earned a great reputation for how well they care for residents, which means that everybody at a certain age who needs ongoing nursing care will want to move here.
It makes no difference what industry you are in, we can help you increase your customer satisfaction, to get more referral business. I hope you have enjoyed this issue of Taking Action, please feel free to contact me if we can be of service to your organization via email: doug@thedougwilliamsgroup.com or via phone: 305-598-9880.
Warm personal regards,
Doug Williams