Translating Information Into Action

The Doug Williams Group’s Market Research Center

Here at the Doug Williams Group, our focus is to deploy distinctive assessments and surveys in a way that helps our clients translate information into action to increase customer satisfaction and revenue. Our approach to these services is distinctive in the following ways:

Assessments incorporate a variety of techniques such as process observation, performance analysis, in-person interviews of subject matter experts, and mystery shopping.
Survey questions and survey results reports are completely customized to our client’s unique needs.
The range of assessments and surveys that are available is extensive; client satisfaction, organization assessment, employee satisfaction, referral likelihood, market research, etc., etc., etc.
Surveys can be administered using a variety of methods; email, website link, telephone, and paper.
Information from assessments and surveys is carefully analyzed to identify critical themes and actionable findings.
Our findings report includes suggested action steps that are based on our extensive experience with a wide variety of clients.
Hands-on facilitation of improvement teams is available to ensure that actions are implemented to achieve desired results.

We look forward to the opportunity to discuss your assessment or survey project. You will find our Preferred Pricing and Full Satisfaction Promise very compelling.

I hope you have enjoyed this issue of Taking Action, please feel free to contact me if we can be of service to your organization via email: or via phone: 305-598-9880.

Warm personal regards,

Doug Williams

Chief Executive Officer.