The Doug Williams Group is celebrating another birthday today, as we enter our 18th year of operation. Where did the time go, and why does time seem to go faster as the years go by?

We are grateful to have had the opportunity to serve so many amazing clients over the past 17 years, and deeply appreciate the long term relationships we have developed through our work. Some of our clients are highlighted here

As I look back to our start-up days I now understand how important it was (and is now), to focus on two simple things; integrity and service. We set out to be the professional services firm that would “do what we said we would do”, and we solidified that pledge with our Full Satisfaction Promise; we will exceed our client’s expectations or our services are free. Even more powerful than our experience or service lines, those two simple things made us unique and have kept us sharp.
So today we are proud to celebrate a few milestones:

  • We have served 208 clients from 39 different industries.
  • We have completed 576 customized engagements.
  • We have generated an 800% average return on investment, for those 576 engagements.
  • We have kept our Full Satisfaction Promise, for all 208 clients.
  • We have provided financial support to 77 community service organizations, through our philanthropic arm: The Giving Back Foundation.


During our 18th year we will continue to bring new and innovative services to the markets we serve. Specifically, we are in the process of bringing disruptive technology to the healthcare and hospitality industries that will help the companies that operate in those industries improve and maintain their on-line reputation.
We will also continue giving to the community through The Giving Back Foundation, and take the opportunity today to announce a gift of $100,000 to support the ministry of Young Life. Information about the mission and impact of Young Life can be found here.
Most importantly, we will continue to keep our Full Satisfaction Promise to those we serve and begin every day with a grateful heart.
Thank you for the opportunity to be of service.