Today, The Giving Back Foundation, the philanthropic arm of The Doug Williams Group, announced a $100,000 gift to Heart of Orlando Young Life.
Founded in 1939, the mission of Young Life is to introduce adolescents to Jesus Christ and help them grow in their faith. Young Life helps young people who are faced with hard decisions about drugs, alcohol, sex, peer pressure, and bullying, by giving them an opportunity to build a relationship with a caring adult.
David Muir, Heart of Orlando Metro Director, put it this way: “During the transition to adulthood, adolescents need a caring, trusted adult who understands their struggles, who will listen to them and give them good information to make positive decisions, and most importantly will present the Gospel to them in relevant, authentic, and compelling ways.”
The Giving Back Foundation gift will be used to expand Orlando’s Young Life ministry into private schools and The University of Central Florida over the next several years.
To learn more about Young Life visit: