Meetings – A Big Waste of Time

Most of us would agree that meetings are a big waste of time. No agendas, a lot of talk, and no outcomes…..other than to schedule another meeting. Think about how much time (money) is wasted because of groups of people sitting in worthless meetings. Since I obviously hate meetings, I would like to pass along… Read More »

Buying Great Service – 95 Years Ago

Unfortunately, most of us would agree that receiving “great service” is a rare experience. Instead, we have to deal with companies like UPS (who could care less that they dropped that rare antique during shipment), Comcast (who is not concerned that your business telephones have been down all day, and Aetna (who has you on… Read More »

The Value of an Outsider Looking In!

I started conducting structured Operations Assessments for my clients 20 years ago. My first engagement of this type came about as a result of my client’s CEO confiding in me that he knew that there were numerous opportunities for improvement in his organization, but he just didn’t know where to start. To help him focus… Read More »

Translating Information Into Action

Translating Information Into Action The Doug Williams Group’s Market Research Center Here at the Doug Williams Group, our focus is to deploy distinctive assessments and surveys in a way that helps our clients translate information into action to increase customer satisfaction and revenue. Our approach to these services is distinctive in the following ways: •… Read More »

Are Your Residents Really Satisfied?

I thought that you might have an interest in the video version of our latest Taking Action eNewsletter: Benefits of On-site Interviews, which is available here: 

Benefits of On-site Interviews

I really like talking to Maria!   For this issue of Taking Action, I thought that you would enjoy hearing from a resident at one of our client’s assisted living facilities.   I’m Ruth, an 86-year-old resident in an assisted living facility a few miles west of Miami. My life is pretty simple these days,… Read More »

Alumni Engagement Makes Money

Helping an elite private school dramatically grow alumni engagement and donations…… in just a few weeks. Ask anyone who holds a leadership position at a private school–a headmaster, development professional or alumni relations director–and they’ll tell you how crucial alumni engagement and support are to maintaining a high standard of education and continued growth to… Read More »

What Are You Thankful For?

Thanksgiving is my absolute favorite holiday of the year. I don’t have the stress of giving the perfect gift, the responsibility of going to another holiday party, or the distracting commercialization of other holidays. To me, Thanksgiving is just quality time with friends and family to reflect on, and give thanks for, the many blessings… Read More »

Dr. William Edwards Deming Remembered – Part Two

I recently re-read Frank Voehl’s excellent book; Deming – The Way We Knew Him, and it brought back many personal memories about Dr. Deming and focused me once again on his teachings. In the July issue of Taking Action, I highlighted Dr. Deming’s education and summarized what Dr. Deming taught the Japanese. In this issue of Taking Action, I… Read More »